Know the Status of Your Sewer System

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Your lateral pipes send waste water from your home out into the city sewer system. If your sewer lines are damaged, the waste can eventually back up into your home. Discovery Home Inspection Inc. can make sure your lateral pipes aren't in danger of cracking. Using a drain camera, we'll perform a sewer video inspection of your pipes right away. Taking this preventative measure before purchasing your home could end up saving you thousands of dollars.

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Get video evidence of your drain damage

Get video evidence of your drain damage

With a sewer video inspection, you'll get to see your damaged pipes in a full report. This is especially helpful if you're:

  • Purchasing a new home, to get the seller to repair the damage
  • Selling your home, to adjust your price to reflect the needed repairs
  • Upgrading your sewer system, to know the extent of the damage
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